Google Code-In Interview


This is an interview with Aryan Bhasin, a participant of Google Code-In 2017-18 and has chosen the organization FOSSASIA for his tasks. I am a fellow participant and my organization is FOSSASIA.

M- So, Aryan, where are you from, which school do you attend and how did you come to know about coding event of GCI?

A- Saarthak, I have been coding for two years now. I live in New Delhi, India and I attend DPS Rk Puram. There is a lot of talk about the event in our school and I have been motivated to take part this time.

M- That’s great to know. So, how has your experience been in the competition so far?

A- It has been interesting. I have never tried something so realistic and different. It’s very exciting.

M- Has this competition taught you anything yet?

A- I have really upscaled my skills in back-end development which was sort of my weak link earlier.


M- It was great speaking with you Aryan.

A- You too Saarthak.




#Google Code-In student

@fossasia @hpdang @mariobehling #OpenSource







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