There’s ‘Code-In’ Me #2 Fixing an Issue




Screenshot (56).pngSince forever, I was inspired by my brother, Aryan Bhasin. He was the smartest most intellectual person I knew. Luckily for me, we got along well, intrigued by fields like mathematics and technology. He was the person who told me about Google Code-In. I was already good at Web Development, so I hunted for an organization which had tasks related to my field and eventually I found the perfect organization for my journey through the event – FOSSASIA. Fossasia is an open source organization helping people to collaborate on projects, bringing together an inspiring community across borders and ages to form a better future with Open Technologies and ICT. I progressed through a series of challenging tasks and then I started a task wherein I had to solve an issue with the GCI 2017 Fossasia website. I found the issue put up by Mario Behling This issue required me to add a mentor to the mentor’s section of

To begin with, I got the details of Avi Aryan from a mentor of my task. Then I forked the website repository on Github. Then I cloned the repository to my desktop and I changed the code accordingly to add Avi Aryan’s profile to the website. Then committed the new changes, pushed to the origin and then made the pull request. Honestly, seeing the ‘able to merge’ sign was a true relief to my heart. Then my request was accepted and my changes merged. And the issue was solved.

Google Code-In has developed me into a great issue solver and problem tackler.


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