Interview with Long-Term Open Source Contributors

Interview 1 – Ashok Singh:- 

Me – Hello sir. I am speaking to you to learn your views on open source and your community!

Ashok – Sure! Happy to guide you Saarthak.

Me – Which organization do you work for and for how long have you been doing it?

Ashok – I work with RedHat and I have been working with them for 4 years.

Me-Wow!  So, what does Open Source mean to you?

Ashok – I think Open Source is about bringing people together and collaborating ideas to produce world-class tech!

Me – What do you think about Fossasia?

Ashok – I think it is doing a great job collaborating technology and is coming up with great projects.

Me – Will you be willing to join the Fossasia summit in Singapore?

Ashok – I would love to if its possible for me to come!

Me – Thank you, sir.

Ashok – Thank you Saarthak.

Interview 2 – Mark Upton:-

Me – Hello Mark!

Mark – Hi Saarthak, what’s up?

Me – It’s going great.

Mark – How is your journey with Fossasia going?

Me – Its been really fun. I have learned a lot! Which organization do you work for?

Mark – OSADL. It is an Open Source project.

Me – Cool, so what do you think about Fossasia?

Mark – I have never really been in touch but I have heard that they are very friendly.

Me – Great to talk to you, Mark!

Mark – You too Saarthak!


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